What are the vents on Mamik soap boxes used for?

You've often asked us this question, so we'll explain everything to you today!

The majority of similar products on the market do not have ventilation, and yet it is essential for the proper preservation of your soaps! We remind you that our products were co-designed with soap makers and cosmetic brands to optimize product conservation.


It is essential that the box allows air to pass through for the preservation of your soaps. Your solid products are preservative-free. Locking them in an airtight box is therefore not a good idea! They need air to preserve themselves :)


Our boxes also serve as soap dishes. The vents allow water to drain so that your soaps do not stagnate inside, so they no longer consume themselves and no longer stick to where you put them.

Are you afraid of leaks during transport?

No fear! We explain here why it is risk-free.

Your solid cosmetics do not contain water.

No liquid can therefore escape through the vents!

What you see is actually foam.

After using your soaps, the water that your customers see is actually foam that remains on the surface of your soap, and will dry thanks to the vents.

Carry them like any other cosmetics.

Explain to your customers to wipe our soap boxes like any other container in their shower stall before storing it in their toiletry bag.

No leaks guaranteed!

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