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MAMIK helps you say goodbye to disposables to make way for sustainability thanks to eco-designed accessories.

If the formulation of the products (soaps, shampoos, creams) have proven themselves, there remains the question of use, the first obstacle for consumers to take the plunge! At Mamik , we are therefore convinced that if we offered you functional, aesthetic and durable accessories, it would be much more obvious to change our consumption habits .

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Who is behind this idea?


At 40 years old and after 17 years of experience for a large French group, the time has come to change direction. This is how it was born. MAMIK, brand dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of sustainable containers made in France. This entrepreneurial project is the culmination of several months of reflection around the waste of our everyday single-use plastic objects and their revaluation through a circular and local approach.



We have chosen to use materials that we have at hand... there is no point in looking for those from the ends of the world!

Thus, we use cork from a cork maker in the south of France and we recycle our bottle waste. The plastic we use is 100% recycled (0% virgin plastic) to give a second life to the materials we use.

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