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We no longer introduce you to solid soap, a true emblem of the zero waste lifestyle and which is attracting more and more consumers, particularly since the start of the health crisis. But did you know that most of the cosmetics we use on a daily basis have a solid alternative? Here is a short practical guide to solid products to adopt for a skincare routine that is as respectful of your skin as it is of the environment. Non-exhaustive list!

  • Solid deodorant

Unlike the classic antiperspirant deodorant found in supermarkets, which will block pores with aluminum salts and prevent the natural process of perspiration, solid deodorant acts directly on the bacteria which cause bad smell, without clogging pores. The solid deodorant is used like a classic soap, you just need to moisten it then rub it under your armpits, and that's it! A good gesture for your skin and for your wallet, since a solid deodorant is equivalent on average to two sticks of classic deodorants, while being more effective.

Lamazuna solid deodorant

Solid deodorant Les Savoirs De Joya

  • Solid make-up remover

Still little-known on the solid product market, the zero waste makeup remover has nothing to envy of classic micellar waters. Thanks to a gentler formulation, without water or surfactants, it gently cleanses your skin and even removes waterproof makeup. Ideal for sensitive skin! To use it, simply moisten it then apply it like a classic makeup remover using a cotton pad, or directly with your fingers using circular movements.

Superbon solid make-up remover

Pachamamai solid makeup remover

  • Solid shaving foam

A very gentle shave, without irritation and without pain, is possible thanks to the solid shaving bar! Goodbye to unnecessary ingredients that attack your skin, solid shaving foam will leave your skin hydrated and free of redness. Suitable for both men and women, it is used like soap. For an even more efficient and environmentally friendly shave, use a safety razor.

Umaï solid shaving care

Lamazuna solid shaving bar :

Slow Cosmétique solid shaving foam

  • Solid conditioners and masks

If your skin can benefit from respectful care, your hair is not left out! A multitude of solid masks and conditioners exist on the market and allow all hair types to have a healthy, waste-free routine.

Umaï curly cream

Unbottled solid conditioner

  • Solid toothpaste

To reduce the amount of waste in your bathroom, solid toothpaste is also a great alternative to plastic tubes. It is found on the market in different forms, in pastilles, in bread, in sticks or even in powder.

  • In bar: used like soap, to moisten then rub on your toothbrush

  • In lozenge: chew without swallowing, then brush your teeth with a moistened toothbrush.

  • In a stick: on the same principle as the solid bar, simply rub your toothbrush on the stick then carry out your usual brushing.

  • Powder: sprinkle (in moderation) on your toothbrush.

Because toothpaste remains an essential hygiene product for oral health, be sure to check the composition of your solid toothpaste. For it to be effective, it must contain the recommended quantity of fluoride and the degree of abrasiveness must be known. A bad composition can lead to irreversible wear of the enamel!

Lamazuna chewable toothpaste

Lamazuna solid toothpaste stick

Slow Cosmetic solid toothpaste

Slow Cosmetic Powder Toothpaste

  • Solid body balm

To keep your skin soft and hydrated, nothing better than solid body balm, which will replace your liquid moisturizing creams and milks. A solid balm is very easy to use, it is used in the same way as a lip balm. Simply pass it over your body, without dampening it. The material melts on contact with your skin and provides deep hydration.

Pachamamai solid body balm

  • Solid facial cleanser

Your face is also entitled to its solid cleanser! Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily or even acne-prone skin, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Kreme Paris facial cleansing cream

  • Solid perfume

As surprising as it may seem, perfume also has its solid version! Generally composed of vegetable oil or wax, it has all the properties of a classic perfume without the drawbacks. Indeed, solid perfumes do not contain alcohol and are therefore safe for the skin, especially if you expose yourself to the sun. Another advantage is that they last longer on the skin thanks to the fatty elements in their composition. You will also reduce your expenses, because the solid perfume lasts longer than a bottle, while costing less... To use it, lightly rub the bar on the hot spots of the body (wrists, neck, temples, nape).

Mixed solid perfume A Bonne Essence

Solid perfume for women Lamazuna

Solid perfume for men Lamazuna

  • Solid serum

To replace your facial moisturizer, solid serum is an excellent zero waste alternative. Many formulas exist to satisfy all skin types. Say goodbye to the chemical compositions of classic moisturizers and choose an alternative that is more respectful of your skin.

Savon Stories solid face serum

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