Mamik: Prejudices about solid cosmetics

Misconception #1: zero waste is expensive


As for solid cosmetics, here again, the difference in price between a solid shampoo , most often organic and handcrafted, and a large-scale liquid shampoo is undeniable. However, solid cosmetics are much more profitable, because they have a longer lifespan . partly composed of water, solid products are more concentrated in active ingredients . Result: you use less product for equivalent or even greater effectiveness, which increases the lifespan of solid cosmetics.

Received idea No. 2: solid cosmetics are restrictive;


The restrictive dimension of the solid is another well-established prejudice. Of course, adopting a zero waste approach involves profoundly changing your consumption habits. Like any change, it requires a certain amount of organization when you get started , but once you get your bearings, the zero waste lifestyle is more synonymous with satisfaction and pleasure than constraint. This is why we created MAMIK: resolutely functional boxes! Marie, the founder of the brand, got tired of carrying around her shampoo in a freezer bag because she couldn't find the ideal box :)

Be well equipped, and you will see nothing is complicated in solid cosmetics.

Misconception #2: Solid cosmetics are not easy to transport?


For traveling, solid cosmetics have a very practical and, above all, space-saving format. Same in the bathroom, they take up less space than traditional packaging. Small and compact, they fit in all your bags and store wonderfully.
You must still be careful to keep them dry with a MAMIK soap box , which is perfect even with a damp product.

And for globetrotters, it’s ideal! No need to take limited containers, travel with peace of mind. Goodbye unpleasant surprises when opening the suitcase, there is no risk of product leaking.

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