MAMIK, your beauty accessory in a camper van!

Your vacation in a Van with MAMIK!

Whether you are adventurous or like absolute independence, the campervan is the best solution. As a family, alone or as a couple, the campervan will offer you total freedom.

Some are afraid of the lack of space, of comfort... Life in a camper van is a real joy and will meet the expectations of those who want to reconnect with nature.

Because you will also be asked to take care of your waste, MAMIK is the ideal partner for nomadic holidays.

MAMIK, the solid box that makes life easier with solid cosmetics!

Our new 2 in 1 soap box allows you to have a soap dish and also to transport and store all your solid products.

Soaps, shampoos, makeup remover, be free to put whatever you want in your MAMIK.

And because Eco can rhyme with beautiful, we designed it elegant!

1. Light

Just 80 grams for MAMIK to fit in your bag

2. With an integrated soap dish

STOP water residue in classic soap boxes. If there is water, your soap will not keep!

To make your road trip a success for everyone, it's no secret that you need to be well equipped! Enjoy your vacation with your MAMIK solid food box!

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