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Diatomite soap dish

Diatomite soap dish

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I also take Mamik soap

No more sticky soap soaking in stagnant water!

This 100% natural model is made of diatomite, a material with ultra-absorbent properties: it “swallows” water like a blotter and dries in the blink of an eye!

Result: your soap does not “melt”, lasts longer and your soap dish remains clean.

What is diatomite?
This siliceous rock, nicknamed white gold, was formed by the accumulation of fossilized micro-algae. Its porous structure gives it exceptional absorption and drying qualities.

Conservation :

It can be rinsed briefly with water. Do not soak the product in water. Do not use detergents or organic solvents to clean it. After rinsing, let your soap dish dry vertically.

This product comes from Asia, only because we do not have Diatomite in France. We believe enough in the virtues of this material which will make you love household soap, to make a small departure from our values!

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